Taskbar Appearance WIndows7

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   To change how programs and icons appear on the taskbar

  1. Click to open Taskbar and Start Menu Properties 
  2. Under Taskbar appearance, select one of the options from the Taskbar buttons list:
    • Always combine, hide labels
    • Combine when taskbar is full
    • Never combine
  3. To use small icons, select the Use small icons check box. To use large icons, clear the check box.
  4. Click Apply and then OK

    You can customize the taskbar, including the appearance of icons and how they group together when you have multiple items open. Here are your choices:
    • Always combine, hide labels
      This is the default setting. Each program appears as a single, unlabeled icon, even when multiple items for a program are open.

                                 A single icon represents both a program and open items

    • Combine when taskbar is full
      This setting shows each item as an individual, labeled icon. When the taskbar becomes crowded, programs with multiple open items collapse into a single program icon. Clicking the icon displays a list of the items that are open. Both this setting and Never combine resemble the look and behavior of earlier versions of Windows.

                                  Individually labeled icons combine when the taskbar is full

    • Never combine
      This setting is similar to Combine when taskbar is full, except icons never collapse into a single icon, regardless of how many windows are open. As more programs and windows open, icons decrease in size and eventually scroll within the taskbar. 

      Individually labeled icons always appear

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